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Quality Control

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Inco-Check provides quality control and compliance services to meet the needs of today’s top lenders, banks, financial institutions, and capital markets.  Inco-Checks’ staff of auditors are comprised of highly skilled and seasoned auditors who are proficient in all FHA, VA, FNMA, and Freddie Mac guidelines, as well as their respective underwriting systems.  While others were offshoring, Inco-Check was brick and mortar, and we continue that policy today.  All auditing is done in the states, by Inco-Check qualified auditors.  As the leader in providing quality control and compliance services, Inco-Check continues to be on the forefront of todays’ ever changing lending environment.  Combining top rate technology with precise scalability, Inco-Check continues to provide unmatched turnaround times through the markets ebb and flow.


 Three important questions to consider when choosing a quality control vendor.


Fraud & Risk Management

  • Income
  • Social Security

Verification of Income

iStock 000034292540MediumSince 2000 Inco-Check, has provided top lenders income verification services through its proprietary technology.  It continues to do so today with the use of the Inco-Check Green Platform.  A fast, secure, user friendly, order and receipt platform which enables lenders to get the information they need quickly and easily.  With the Green Platform, users track and manage their requests 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Verification of Social Security Number

iStock 000026414810LargeWith identity fraud on the rise, you need a company that is on the forefront of information technology. Inco-Check can assist in minimizing fraud vulnerability while keeping your company's reputation in tact.

Inco-Check's state of the art technology provides data quickly, efficiently, and securely. Our technology increases speed and maintains security while keeping your focus on fundings and quality assurance.

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