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The most extensive suite of Quality Control & Compliance audit services and software in the industry.

Verification of Income and Social Security Numbers so that Lender’s minimize risk of an unsaleable or uninsurable loan.

Quality Control Audit Management and Auditing Software which allows Lenders to control the scope, process and timelines of their Auditing.

Audit Services which are specifically designed to ensure your company meets all of the auditing standards for Lending and Servicing.



Why Choose Inco-Check

People, technology & innovation. Inco-Check is light years ahead of the competition. For nearly 20 years Inco-Check has been the barometer when it comes to service and technology. With its robust infrastructure and leading technology, Inco-Check continues to set itself apart from the pack by being one of only a handful of companies that offer both cutting edge software and the industry’s leading suite of Quality Control and Compliance services. This is unique and this MATTERS! Lenders can now choose to facilitate an in house division, offering them control, while having the flexibility of outsourcing overflow during times of challenges with scale or simply a consistent strategy of pre house post outsource and in doing so have the luxury of viewing, tracking, reporting, all in one, powerful and easy to use platform. From its highly intuitive software to its culture and brainpower, Inco-Check continues to be recognized as the industry leader through its expertise and commitment in providing the best service levels throughout the industry. Inco-Check is the option. Go where top lenders go, go with Inco-Check.

our advantages


Industry standard setting, coding, infrastructure and security.


Nearly 20 years of leading industry experience fostering exceptional Quality Control, Compliance, Fraud Risk minimization services.

Comprehensive Support

As an experienced service provider, we offer investigative, audit and software support.​

Who we are

Founded in 2000, Inco-Check, Inc. provides Quality Control Audit Mortgage Services and Quality Control Audit Management Mortgage Software to leading banks, credit unions, and lenders nationwide. Inco-Check empowers its clients by assisting them in the assurance of mortgage integrity by providing Quality Control Audit Services and Quality Control Audit Management Software, along with Fraud Prevention Services.

What clients say?

Inco-Check has literally changed the culture of our company significantly improving the way in which…

QC Ally™ software has significantly changed the way we do business by increasing our efficiency,…

My auditors love this system. It’s so easy…